Ducks and mom

Are your ducks in a row? Take care of tomorrow, so you can have peace of mind today. Tonya Knauth is a family attorney who offers professional estate planning, wills, probate and guardianship services. Her practice is personal and flexible. She strives to make legal services convenient and comfortable for her clients and offers on-site consultations as well as up-front pricing. Tonya is an accomplished attorney who offers:

Estate planning. Estate planning helps families eliminate uncertainties brought on by the incapacity or death of a spouse, parent, or guardian. Services may include designation of a guardian for minor children, wills, trusts, powers of appointment, property disposition, and/or financial and medical powers of attorney.

Probate. Probate services offer comfort in the knowledge that after a death, the estate will be administered properly in accordance with a will. Services may include representation of the executor, notification of creditors, publishing legal notices, family settlement agreements and distribution of assets.

Wills. A will provides reassurance by making a specific plan for property distribution after death and naming one or more persons to manage the estate. With professional help, drafting a will is a fairly straightforward process that ensures implementation of one’s wishes and simplifies the legal process for a grieving family after a death. Wills are state-law-specific documents that should be drafted by an attorney in conjunction with a complete estate plan; do-it-yourself wills can result in costly irreversible errors.

Guardianship. If a loved one is legally incapacitated and cannot care for themselves, a guardianship may be the best course of action to provide for them. Guardianship restricts a person’s legal rights and grants those rights to a guardian, who is then obligated to care for them (under the supervision of the Court). Services may include consultation for less restrictive alternatives to guardianship, if appropriate, or representation of a family member who wishes to become a guardian.

Tonya offers a personal consultation that can help clarify your options. Should you and Tonya agree to move forward after the consultation, she will offer up-front and complete details about her fees, the scope of the work, and the time it will take to complete the process.